LUXE Digital Now Corporation's mission is to be the recognized leader in its target market for providing an outstanding selection of digital marketing technology solutions globally.

We are currently inviting private investors to invest in LUXE Technologies Inc.

to include our technologies Liquid Beauty AI and AiDAS.

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Invest in Liquid Beauty AI Technology

LUXE Technologies Inc. is proud to present our diverse portfolio of innovative AR and AI technologies, including Liquid Beauty AI and AiDAS. LIQUID BEAUTY AI our leading specialty AR/AI smart mirrors for the beauty retail sector. Designed exclusively for the Personalized Beauty industry.

AiDAS is a artificial intelligence cloud program, designed exclusively for global corporations to gain complete autonomy of all their digital marketing, e-commerce and digital technologies data. And complements the Liquid Beauty AI retail system.

We are a diverse team with unique perspectives. United in our purpose, our strategy and our culture. Driven by our ambition and the power of technology to drive human progress. Unwavering in our commitment to equality, trust and advocacy for one another.

We are among the world’s leading technology companies helping to transform people’s lives with extraordinary capabilities. From hybrid cloud solutions to high-performance computing to ambitious social impact and sustainability initiatives, what we do impacts everyone, everywhere.

The revenue of the United States cosmetic industry is estimated to amount to about 49.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. The global cosmetics industry is broken down into six main categories; skin care being the largest one out of them all, accounting for 36.1 percent of the global market in 2016. In recent years, consumers have been spending higher levels of disposable income on cosmetics than they had in the past.


In 2015, the average annual expenditure on cosmetics, perfume and other personal care products among U.S. consumers dropped slightly, to approximately 164 U.S. dollars. Eye makeup products such as mascara and eyeliner were among the cosmetic products with the highest number of transactions per capita.

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